A Monday before school starts

I think I will add some writing today. I have published several poems over the years. Like photography it is art and doesn’t pay much but carries a lot of satisfaction. I’m currently working on a small book of my poems and a few photos just to help collect the stuff in one place if nothing more. The photo today is one I took at Cape Cod this summer at the National Sea Shore.

The Lion’s Suit

Standing on the stage in your lion suit
No make up yet,
You remind me
Of a little girl
With face shining love.
The suit looking much like my kids PJs
Worn with toes poking out.
Well loved like his bear that has your name.
I think you must be hot.
Hopping around
Scattering false fear into the other players.
Scratching tin man
And tumbling scarecrow.
Searching for high stars
Innocents collapsing
But still holding
Your smile breaks through
Even the make up you wear later.