Mowing Grass and Marriage

It can happen at any moment.
But usualy after dinner
On a tiered Monday.
We mow the grass.
You cut zig zag mad
Across the yard.
I polish blocks with neatness.
You cut gentle curves around the trees
I strain to smooth the rows
Plough straight.
Sometimes, not often, I cut a curve
You do the smoothing.

Then the baby throws up.
We laugh.
The tension ends.
Our love moves forward.

The photo today is of the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Cod.

2 Responses to “Mowing Grass and Marriage”

  1. Brett Says:

    Great photos but deserve to be bigger, if you need help drop me a mail and i’ll forward the help i got.


  2. Wood Dickinson Says:

    Thanks for the offer. I did get the info for supersize images. Let me know what you think.


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