Song of the Applience Salesman

A short balding man retired but still
coming into Kansas City a few days a week
from Desoto to sell a stove or dishwasher
touched my arm and squeezed my shoulder
laughing at all my jokes as he tried to sell me a diswasher
went on to say,
Now this is a good deal for $560.
You see, you got these coils under the unit
and when you go into the dry cycle
it blows hot air across the coils
and doesn’t just use the coils like all
the other units we sell.
My opinion about GE is the same as your wife’s
I had one once for two weeks and pulled it out
and put in the Kitchen Aid
but we have these units these Magic Chefs.
Now there made by GE too but just don’t say it
so if you just don’t want to look at the GE label
Now we have a guy that comes out and installs them.
It’ll cost you fifty bucks but he’ll check the water line
and level it and when it doesn’t work you just call us.
Now you can put it in too if you’re handy but then when it
breaks, who you gonna yell at? You’ll have to find a mirror.
And see these filters here just pop out and this ring pops out
and you get rid of the dials off the front and these little
lights tell you what’s going on all the time.
You got a delay switch here and then a pot scrubber
and here’s the china cycle and over here is the cancel reset.
This photo was taken in New York City Soho area.