Some one will come

Someone will come.
You know they will to buy our house.
What will they do to it to.
Do you remember when I started
on the basement. I was going to
finish it in six months. Remember the cold
gray conceat walls and floor with with four
dim light bulbs in the room and an inch of water
on the floor. I turned my thumb blue more than
once, pounding together the studwalls hoping they’d
stay where I put them. Then pulled muscles draging
the sheet rock in from the garage. How many times
did I say, “Thank God the garage is under the house?”
I’ll remember that our son was only two when I started
and five when I was done and also the look on his face
when the carpet was put in. A real play room.
I’ll remember the night we put up the crayon boarder
laughing at the job and crying for our love that wandered
those two years holding each other tight never wanting to
let go.

I wonder what the new owners will do to my room?
Will they complain about shodding workmanship?
Will they put up pictures and fill it with toys?
Will they take down the crayon boarder?