That Tree

I don’t know how long it’s been there
Dropping dirty walnuts.
Since before our subdivision was built.
Before the apple orchard was murdered.
He’d carefully built his driveway around it.
Enclosing it in concrete.

That year he cut off all its branches.
“A slight trim,” he said.

The spring came early.
The other walnut trees streamed
Green leaves from waking branches.
His tree stood dormant.
It was dead.
I was certain.

Then one evening as I looked across,
I noticed a hint of green
Like sea moss hanging,
Spotting brown gray rock,
Covering every branch.

The photo below was taken at the West Bottoms in Kansas City. There are several old buildings that have yet dodged the wrecking ball. This is a large sliding door with some very interesting patterns. It was shot with a Leica M8.