Building 936

Again I return to a photography of not only a lonely place but abandoned as well. One thing that draws me to a place is the quiet and lack of people. That doesn’t mean I like to be alone or am a loner, I wouldn’t be married with eight kids if I felt that way, I think it is more the contrast to my daily life. Living in a rather large city I can go to places where there are lots of people but it is harder to find places of solitude. That solitude, I think, helps me recharge and reconnect with myself and my sense of place. It is the same idea as sacred spaces. Going into an empty church like Redemptorist has the same feeling. St. Patrick’s in New York as well.
It is much harder for me to capture that essence inside so I tend to look to the outside. Going to lonely or abandoned places where men rarely go is like making a journey into yourself and your reconnection with God. This photo was taken at a decommissioned air force base called Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base. It was taken with my Nikon D2Xs shooting in the RAW mode. I used both Lightroom and Photoshop to work on the color of the image. I tried to match the color to my emotional connection to this place.