Saint Patrick’s

To follow with the theme of my last post I want to include one of my attempts at capturing in interior space. This photograph was taken at St. Patrick’s in New York City. There are always people there so I focused on the shape of the arches above us keeping all the people out of the shot. There are times I have been in this cathedral when it has been fairly empty and it truly does feel like a sacred place. If you ever visit NYC don’t miss the chance to look inside this magnificent building. Catholic or not.
I took this photograph with my Nikon D2Xs shooting at the maximum ISO because I was hand holding the camera. I used Lightroom primarily to obtain the black and white. Noise always creeps into the photo when you shoot at very high ISOs so turning it to B&W helps a lot to mask that. I use to shoot Tri-X film at 1600 ASA so I do like grain and contrast.

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