Wood Dickinson

Here are two versions I played with both taken from the same digital negative. I have been working on the use of color for a portfolio I’m sending in to the new magazine COLOR. I have always liked color when it is saturated in the image. In the old days I would shoot Ektachrome and cross process it to get a negative. It was always kind of like Christmas because you were never sure what you’d get. Today with the digital capture and Photoshop the surprise is gone but you can work with much more purpose. These two images are an example of selective use of color. I like the whimsical at times and at first I did the typical male thing and that’s to enhance the girl and contrast her to the background of drabness but after I looked at it for a few minutes I saw the error of my ways. It is the girl (as a person) that fades to the background. This shot was taken in SoHo in New York City and even though it is much less crowded feeling than other parts of the city it always seems that it is the people who are the backdrop not the city. I left her the golden hair.

I shot this with my Leica M8.