Its been a very busy time. Photography is a passion of mine but not the way I make my living. I can only wish. I have been choosing to give time to my job and family. This has entail out of town trips and on those trips I have been unable to spend much if any time with the camera. It is frustrating. I have continued to work with the palladium printing process and I’m finding that (although time consuming) to be a very satisfying venture.

I am hoping to build a large enough body of work to gain some attention but like all things you need to take pictures to make it work! Palladium printing lets you regain some of that tactile experience associated with photography that is all but lost using the digital darkroom. Also the complexity keeps the process out of reach of the want a be photographers that grab a camera and buy a copy of Photoshop and they declare themselves artists.

The creation of art is not just taking pictures and running them through the computer and posting them on your web site. The art really happens inside the artist and what the material item that is produced is, is nothing more than a representation of the art the artist sees. It is all in how well we can make that representation (how well it resonates with others) that really determines weather our work is art or just a bunch of photos.

To me that means you have to be fully engaged in life. You have to keep up on current events, the culture, our history, other art, and read a lot. You need to be knee deep in it. Then you have the depth to connect.

I have been assembling a group of portfolios for the new magazine COLOR. The deadline is two days so I have to fish or cut bait. I will post the portfolios in a few days. The photo that I have in this post is of a water tank. It was a shiny brand new tank out in the middle of nowhere. This is the high desert outside Los Angeles and it is a barren place. Water is something you think about when you visit this kind of place. Until next time…