First Aid

Shot with Nikon D2Xs full sunlight and ISO 250.First Aid

First Aid

I finally broke down and purchased the Nik Complete Collection of filters for Photoshop.  I have used Silver Efex Pro for a long while and I’m so sold on the idea you can create control points and really do a lot of detailed editing with out constantly worrying about sliders and dials but just the photograph.

I really like playing with selective use of color.  Back in the “old days” I would hand tint prints and also create prints on film as positives and put different colors behind them to create differrent looks.  Don’t know what that says about me!  I will get back to the part 2 on At and the chair photo in a couple of days.  I’ve had some interesting comments made by folks who have seen the real print that I feel will be interesting to all.

And yes, the 1st aid sign was blue.

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