Patti #2

Here is a second pass at the last photo.  The original is a color negative, Kodak Kodacolor X.  The image is very underexposed and has its share of dust spots, scratches and YES fingerprints.  Oh what we don’t have to deal with today.

As I’m exploring this photo I am not looking at it as a restoration project but a chance to meld the old and new to obtain something interesting and fresh.  First I scan the neg with a Nikon film scanner (using ICE).  Once that’s done it is a TIFF and I open that in Photoshop and remove all the flaws from the film.  I also work a bit with glow and sharpening but not much.

Then I save it as a Photoshop file so I can import into Lightroom.  Once I’m there I finish contrast and grain to more match how I would have wanted it to look like years ago.

This is a lot of work but if you could see what I started with you’d be amazed.

Patti #2
Patti at Galveston


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