I have posted a lot of photos lately but not said much about them.  The Cows photo was taken in the West Bottoms in Kansas City.  That was the area that use to hold the stockyards up until floods finally closed it down.  The last great flood was in 1951.  That put an end to this stockyard and really this entire part of downtown.

Grass is a detail shot taken from the house on the National Sea Shore.  We always go near dusk so getting photos is very hard. I used Photoshop to create the color effect so it looked more as it really is.

Sand and Grass was taken on Cape Cod but at a place called the Boardwalk in Sandwich.  The boardwalk was destroyed by a Nor’easter many years back so to rebuild it you can buy inscriptions to put on the planks.  You’ll find the Dickinson’s plank if you look for it.

All these places hold a special place in my heart and even though we return year after year I always find more to photograph.