What moves us

As an artist I guess I look at the world differently than most. I’m not just interested in the how of things but also the why of things. When I first heard about fractual geometry it never really occored to me that there even needed to be a geometry that would describe the construction of a cloud or tree branch.

But as I spent time looking at these objects and how foreign they are to our way of seeing the world you had to wonder where this “other” geometry came from. Why do we need two sets of rules if we all live in the same place. Of course the answer is we don’t. We can only think of things to a certain point. Then some greater power takes over and finishes things we can’t. I think part of the reason art exists is because some of us are trying to explain the connection between these two places. Those of us open enough to except any possibility.

I happen to think this power that drives fractal geometry also drives us, but we spend most of our lives running away from it.

Clouds and skky