As Time Goes On…

I have been working very hard on the Uplift project and between that and my work that pays the bills, time has been very short. I’m not posting any of the photos from the Uplift Project here at this time. If you want to glimpse some of the photos the place to go is where I’m trying to raise money for this project. I’ll add the link at the end.

This has been a very fascinating project. It won’t be presented until March 2011 but the preparation is ongoing right now. Once I get the photos edited the way I want them I will print them no smaller that 20×24. I think larger. I am thinking that the B&W photos may be done on silver gelatin and the color printed with inkjet technology. The way I’m leaning is toward making them like competition prints. That means they will be mounted on a mat board or other material to a specific thickness then hangers added to the back.

I like the idea of the photographs not being in frames and mats and all that. When people buy them they will just reframe them anyway. This way there is no framing treatment competition going on with the piece. For a show I did during my college days I mounted all the prints and put them between two pieces of glass with a hangar. I’ve not done that since so I think minimalist is the way I’m going.

To get a preview and help out if you wish click HERE.