Monsters of Mission

Field Notes:

I think they noticed me today. Some people have asked what the hand was attached to. The entire monster was too big to take in with one look. I just suddenly saw the hand moving toward the sky and snapped my camera. When I turned to see what it belonged to I was terrified. It was a huge slow-moving creature made up of midnight and dead leaves. It was truly a horror. It seemed to rise up from the ground growing as I watched. I started to back away and fell. Then it noticed me. A face, if you could call it one, was black and pieces of flesh were dripping off only to be replaced by new flesh. It moved slowly. It started to turn toward me then vanished.

No one around me had noticed a thing. The smell of rotting flesh hung in the air as a link. It was real but what reality? I quickly scrambled up a small incline and went to my car. I got in and felt safe. It was a false safety. I knew at any moment these thing could appear. If those hands grabbed me I would be dead. This thing, this monster left me feeling lost and without power even. I’d lost my benchmarks, my familiar surroundings.

Then today. Oh I was ready. Camera at hand working at my desk suddenly it got dark in my office. I looked up to see what it was and I saw this. I have no idea what it is or even how it function but it can fly without flapping its’ wings. If thats what they are. This bat thing floated motionless in front of my office window. It was looking at me. I could feel its stair. Then gone. Just gone. In an instant gone. I had the presence of mind to get one shot off. All I know is it’s all wrong.