Field Notes:

As I’ve watched the streets of Mission from my fifth story office I could catch movement on the street but only out of the corner of my eye. When I looked right at it there was nothing there. I kept watching and over the next two weeks I started to see more. It was an evil that was eluding the people of Mission. They went on about their days trying to pass a driveway tax and giving speeding tickets to people so poor they would never be able to pay them.

It was like something was forming out of the space between reality and what is really there. We can’t see what is really there. Artists try to pierce  the vale and capture a glimpse from the Real. That’s when I realized, there were monsters in Mission. No one could see them. They had only revealed themselves to me, an artist, and I felt my mission was to bring their images to the attention of everyone.

No one will believe this but I’ll keep going anyway. The last post was one of them. I think I’ve captured another and will try to post it tomorrow. I can only hope they want me to do this because if I’m exposing them and they want to stay hidden I might really be in trouble.