The monsters are still here

Walking monster 2

Maybe it is the fact that it’s October but I’m still seeing the monsters lurking around Mission. There doesn’t seem to be any organization to their activity but then I’m sure I’m not seeing everything. This one walked by me. When I noticed it I stood very still. When it came even to me it stopped and acted like it was smelling for something. His head turned toward me in a slow and grinding way. It seemed to be made of metal as well. A shutter passed through the creature then it moved on. It’s motion was very much like the last monster I posted. The four-legged thing.

It just seems they are wandering around but I have not seen them outside of Mission. Like I said, it seems they have no organization yet they do feel me at times. I get a dark feeling of dread whenever that happens. Like I’m waiting for something but I just don’t know what it is. I’m afraid to ask anyone else if they’ve seen them. I look crazy enough. I have to search for an answer before something happens.