…and onward we go


Fields north of Kansas City


Now that the excitement of October is past us all I can do is hold on. October is my month.  A transitional month that brings with it the changes in the earth and changes in us. It is a time for scary stories and getting lost in imagination about things that could be or just might be or really are. The truth is we don’t know. As I was driving back from a meeting at Benidictine College in Atchison, Kansas I noticed this barn sitting alone in a field that was prepared for spring.  I would guess it was at one time a building where tabaco was hung to cure.

I had to stop and take several shots of this barn. It was part of what makes rural Kansas. No ghosts or pumpkins here. No hay rides or other opportunities. Just life going on as we know it. The photo is cropped from the full frame. I tend to always overshoot my subjects just so I have a bit of room to play with. After a lot of thought and a couple of hours of fussing I got the sky the way I really saw it and let those colors reflect into the field.

Of course this isn’t what it “really” looked like but it is how I saw it as I glimpsed into “The Real” for a moment and tried to bring a bit of it back for all to see.

Yes now the madness of the holidays starts. We stumble through Thanksgiving then crash into Christmas ready for the relief of the New Years Eve party. Actually I don’t do that part but most of the rest. I did get the second draft of my October story finished before the 31st. Now I need to polish. The story is called “The Night Crawlers.” There is already a sequel to it in the works. That will be “From Darkness to Wonder.” I’ll keep you posted as to where this short story will show up so you can read it. And onward we go…