The art of the mind



It is my true belief that true art is only in the mind of the artist. Then he uses what ever skill he has to bring a representation of it to life. How well this is done makes all the difference as far as the viewer goes. Art being emotionally driven must speak to something in the viewer for him/her to see or feel the connection. To me this has nothing to do with original intent. Either the artist succeeded or failed with the viewer.


It isn’t about hi-res cameras or super computers with lots of filters any more than it was in the days of the wet darkroom. What the wet darkroom did was keep the amateurs out of the fray. Now everyone with a digital camera and some kind of photo editing software is out there making “art.” At this stage I do think it is about original intent. I know pretty well what I want to create before I go exploring for the real life elements needed to create it. I’m not saying just wandering around shooting pictures is a bad way to approach it, God knows I’ve done my share, but even when you are wandering and you look at something as a possible piece of art see it in your mind. What should it look like. If I removed the screen of language and metaphors how would I experience it. You want to come back with little specs of The Real. Not a Photoshop wonder piece.