Currently I’m finishing up the Uplift Project. I hope to have a galley of the book in my hands next month. Then I will select the 17 show prints and have them printed. I also want to create hand-made folios of the 17 photographs. Crafts are not my strong suit but I’ll give it a shot. I love the concept.


Next I’m finishing up the next Robin Randle story. It has been really fun getting to know her and the people associated with her. I find writing prose vs. screenplays really allows a lot more exploration and room to move around in. This next segment is going to get tough on poor Robin. She’s paying her dues for something she shouldn’t have done. But you tell me, if you were in a coma and saw a way out of it wouldn’t you take it? I don’t think anyone can blame her but a few very nasty things do and they want to teach her a lesson.

This second installment is called “Between Darkness and Wonder.” I’m on the last part so I hope to have it finished in the next couple of days in between my kids coming home for a short break and Thanksgiving. Never let a holiday spoil a good day at work! I don’t think I know how to rest any more.

I want to get out and shoot some pictures. Its been too long. Now that most of the leaves are down I have some ideas I want to play with. Also I’m trying to pitch a course to Benedictine College called ‘from pinhole to Holga.’ As I keep working on the class content I’m getting really excited about it. I’m using two great books for source material and I think I will ask for them to be the text books for the class. One is called “The Pinhole Camera,” by Brian J. Krummell and the other one is “Plastic Cameras Toying with Creativity,” by Michelle Bates. The entire field of Lomography is fascinating and truly a great place to explore. Low tech can be really good if you bring artistic vision to it. That’s what the thrust of the course will be. Creating art regardless the tools. It is so much about what is going on in your head. I wish I could figure that out! I’m playing around with a couple of other class concepts. I’ll keep you posted. I want to be a force to bring sanity to photography. Today everyone is an instant Ansel Adams sans the art training and sensibility.

I have a really nice pinhole camera my wife bought me for Christmas last year and I think now is a good time to haul it out with my tripod and start shooting. I gave my Holga away to my daughter Kathleen so I need to replace it but I’m thinking about this a lot. I know, a toy is a toy but still there are considerations even with toy cameras.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat too much but keep the antacid tablets close.

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  1. “Never let a holiday spoil a good day at work.” Great line, though very different from my philosophy. Bernard Shaw would’ve loved it.

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