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Patti & Wood

I know I will offend some people but today I shut off my Flicker account. I know a lot of people use it but it has become chaotic and filled with frauds.

Let me tell you what I’m interested in. ART!

I am not interested in “pretty” pictures. To create art you must be curious. You need to listen and look at the changing world around you. You have to try to keep up on current events, the pop culture and sociological change where when all hell is breaking loose and why. Artist point the way not follow along hoping to get that great sunset shot.

I’m not talking to pros shooting  commercial, wedding and the like.  Nor am I talking about our journalistic brothers. Journalism takes a great amount of skill to pull off.

For me to make a photograph I am trying to create an emotional and evocative statement. Some are whimsical many are not. On this wonderful Thanksgiving day I am blessed to be surrounds by many of my large family. Talk and listen. Learn. I know the papers stink today and you can’t believe what is on the net so keeping up on the truth is hard but one truth I know for certain is that LOVE is at the core of who we are. To give it over for money, power and greed will only kill you in the end.

Remember LOVE. The next time you go out to shoot pictures think about LOVE.

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. That’s a great photo! Lots of atmosphere. Captures the sense and feeling of a bygone era. I love those old black and whites.

  2. I do too. This photo was ripped up and somehow my wife got it restored so the first thing I did was scan it. Then I just couldn’t help playing a bit.

  3. This was very thought-provoking. I love photos that compel you to dwell upon them with thoughts and questions and challenges. A good photographer should think about love and try to capture it, a commodity all too rare these days.

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