Vanishing Point

Track and Train 1

I spent some time this morning with my daughter showing her the process I use in image capture and editing. I selected this image because it was originally captured on film and let me explain the scanning process It also reinforces the concept of the vanishing point.

Personally this is a theme I seem to come back to over and over. There is something about the foreverness of this kind of image that I like. Maybe it is a hopeful image. Hope that things will go on and not suddenly come to an end.

As we talked about this there were two versions of this image that evolved. The reason was simply we aren’t sure which one represents the truth. As for likes and dislikes I think we both ended up liking the B&W version but I would like more feedback. Let me know which version you feel is closer to the truth of the image and why. I’d really like to know.

Track and Train 2


  1. Both photos are beautiful, but my preference is almost always for black and white. I have been told, those are the most difficult to do well. You have done extremely well with this one, so naturally it gets my vote!

  2. I agree. The B&W one turned out especially well. I think all those years of shooting B&W film helps in producing a good B&W image in the digital world.

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