Been Awhile

Truck #22

It seems like it has been a long time since I posted here. I have been finishing the photos to be used in exhibition at Project Uplifts 20th Anniversary Gala this coming March AND putting the special edition book together as well. The book will have my photos of a group of homeless men and women here in Kansas City and it will also have their stories written by my wife Patti.

This has been an ambitious project. It was started last spring and we could easily spent two years working on it before it would be ready but because of the Gala March 31st we had a deadline. It was difficult keeping all the facts straight working so quickly. I’ve met some amazing people both at Uplift and on the street. As we have been following this group, one has gotten sober and on medication. He also has all his ID now and is working toward section 8 housing. A success. Another fellow was arrested for murder and awaits trial, Another moved out of the city to where his daughter lives. He found her on Facebook. Another fellow had an accident and passed away. It has been quite a ride and I’m so very glad Uplift gave me the chance to do this.

I will share a few photos taken while working on this but I can’t release any of the people shots. After March of 2011 I will have them available for sale.