No Luck

I find it interesting that I have had no one offer any donations to help package the next film I want to make. Maybe it’s my fault so I’m going to give you all a bit of background.

Ave Maria is a faith-based film about the effects on a person when they experience an apparition of the Virgin Mary. My original thought was how would I feel if it happened to me? After reading the book “The Final Hour” by Michael H. Brown I knew that the messages she has been giving us have been consistent with the teachings of Christ. Below are two “one-sheets” on the film so you can get a feel of what it will be.

But it won’t be at all unless I can find enough people to donate toward the project. I’m packaging the film now for production funding and to get that done costs $3000. That’s all. Spreading the word of God is more important today than ever. Please click the link and do what ever your conscience tells you.

May God bless you all.  PLEASE CLICK >       AVE MARIA