The Fog

The Three

A few weeks back we had a couple of days where the fog around Kansas City got pretty bad.  This time of year it can be 70 one day and snow the next. I spent a little time hunting around town looking for the right objects I needed to create some ideas I’ve been wanting to work on. This is one.  I know the element of fog may not be apparent but it gave me the atmosphere I needed to work with. I was mostly trying to get a group of 3 and these 3 trees stood out. I guess you’d call this surrealistic but to me it is a glimpse into that world that you can only see out of the corner of your eye. An elusive place that is part of  The Region. The Region is a place between where a character I created, named Robin Randle, has been and is currently deciding if she wants to go back to.

The story started off as a short story but this girl has a mind of her own and I’m up to 41 pages or 15,000 words.  I have one more section in the current chapter then two more chapters (or 6 sections) to go. I think. The title of the novella is In The Region Where Madness Dwells and yes it is a horror story. I think after I finish the writing I will go into an edit phase and include some of the photographs I’m doing as well. I really like this girl. She has been one of the most interesting characters that I’ve ever dreamed up and the company she keeps is very scary. I’ll share a few more “work in progress” photos soon.

REMEMBER: No Windows No Doors exhibition through March at Cafe Trio – The book will be ready for pre-order Monday. Gala event March 31st. For all the news click HERE.