Robin Randle

I’m closing in on the end of the first small book about a girl I met named Robin Randle. I met her while working on another story and she intrigued me. As I was shaping that story it was clear Robin would become a major player so like any good writer I wondered what kind of life she’d had before this. My intent was a short story to just flesh out the character but it became obvious to me very quickly that I had a bigger story here that needed telling.

At the beginning we find Robin lost in obscurity, an outcast. She feels that’s been her whole life. Her father murdered her mother and then tried to kill her. As Robin says, “The first monster I met in my life was my dad.” It wouldn’t be the last. After the attack on her she spent seven months in a coma. According to the doctors she was brain-dead but turning off the machines had become a legal nightmare happening with out her knowledge.

She was off in a place known as The Region. It was called “the place between” but Robin didn’t learn the truth right away. She just wanted to get back home. Of course there was really no home to come back to but what else do you do when your 16 and alone. She did make it home to the shock of the doctors. She woke from her coma during a violent thunderstorm. Memories of The Region faded from her but her life was now changed and her purpose was clear, just not to her.

She wandered in this world finally moving out of the family home to a wreck of a boarding house and settled into a career as an all night diner waitress. The time of change was coming. She knew something was wrong with her memories but tried to ignore it until those memories manifested themselves in this world. The monsters had come and all that was real was in peril. She alone held a key and she didn’t know it. Robin Randle had become the one who walks two worlds.