A lost opportunity

Every time another priest is outed on charges of child sexual abuse and the fact it was known and covered up raises to the surface, the Catholic Church misses an opportunity to cry out against this outrage. Little is said from the pulpit and maybe we form self-help groups but the funniest reaction is how the Church requires all this training now for lay ministers if they are going to work around kids.

Last time I checked any lay minister who got caught doing this went to jail and no one paid anyone off.  As a matter of fact I don’t hear about the horrible actions of the lay ministers at all. It’s priests that have the problem. I resent the fact that our (being Catholic) powers that be compare scout leaders and other adults working with kids to priests. I have been a Cub Master, Scout Master, Assistant Scout Master, Camp Scout Master and everything in between and I have only come on one physical abuse situation and one drinking situation involving adults in the last 25 years.

Do abusers become scout leaders. Sure. These sick people regardless of all out attempts to control them will find ways to abuse kids. We all need to be vigilant and hold the abuser accountable for his/her actions. The Church has had a chance with each case to make a major statement by cleaning house. I know this may affect some non abusive clergy but you can’t help all the collateral damage. I get the feeling now the Church is just wishing the problem would go away. Well we all do! For real. What’s the answer to this problem? Ideas include a married priesthood for one.

Will there be less abusers in that population? I don’t know but maybe there would be a lot more applicants allowing the Church to tighten down the screening process. I don’t know the answer all I know is this needs a heavy hand just as it would in the lay world. Good God, the difference between a Scout Master and a Priest is night and day. I ask the powers that run my Church to wield Gods mighty sword and clean this filth from our midst. Priests represent Gods presence on this earth. Like the fist apostles who ventured into new lands (many to their death) spreading the Word our priests today are no different and must be held to a standard above all men.