Robin Randle

In The Region Were Madness Dwells

This story just won’t end. Sorry about the delay to those who offered to be my readers for this story. I keep getting to the end and as I’m about there something happens that opens up the next part of the story. I’m use to writing movies that work out in 3 acts and you are working to an ending that can’t take more that 90 minutes to reach.

This story becomes more complex as it goes. I’m fascinated.  Here is a bit of a tease…

From the chapter “The Truth of Shadow” and story Between Darkness and Wonder from the book titled, In The Region Were Madness Dwells

copyright © 2011 by Wood Dickinson – all rights reserved


Robin looked out the dingy little window of her bedroom.  A poor and most would say, useless human being.  Not much of a future.  She refused the drugging and whoring route.  No porn, exotic dancing or peep shows.  No.  She was clean and going to stay that way.  What hope that left her she didn’t know.  She just knew she was now tangled back up with a place and time and with people that folks in her world weren’t even supposed to know existed.  It was the truth lurking in the shadows waiting for it’s time.      

Station said, “Robin, now is the time.  All time is caught between the darkness and the wonder.  We have to keep fighting until the wonder overwhelms us.”

Robin said, “What if the wonder isn’t something I want?”

 “A bit late for that my friend.”  Station lied back down in the bed and pulled Robin to her.  “For now anyway, we can have that simple love we were denied before.  Then wait for Sloan and all hell to break lose.”