I’m Just Saying

I am struggling through Christopher Hitchens book Hitch 22. I’m in a book group and this was the book for this month, if you want to know why. I find it incredible how strongly atheists defend their point of view. The idea is to ridicule the Christian faith traditions not build a case for atheism.

In other words to prove that there is no God I can’t just proclaim it as fact then build a reality on that, no, I have to ridicule the Bible to discredit its message. Jesus made it very clear that it is all based on an act of faith. I need no proof that their isn’t a God all I have to do is look at the world I live in. The lack of forgiveness, the absence of real love, the embracing of self destructive activities along with AIDS and abject world poverty proves my point for me.

Well, maybe not. I mean AIDS has become an epidemic because we made it one. Poverty in the world is there because we allow it. Many feel taking from the rich is justified because of this but that’s just being a thief. Remember the old saying, “I can give a man a fish and he will eat today but teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime.”

Some feel that the void is a natural state and it is humanity who has the need to fill it. So we make up our stories to plug the holes, explain things we don’t understand when in fact we need not do any of that. Space will fill of its own accord the same way a system will fall apart if left alone. Bodies decay, neighborhoods fall apart and are torn up by crime, an NFL team becomes ineffective.

A large segment of society ridicules the notion that what the Bible says is literal and 100% how things happened and how we must act, yet an atheist will pick apart detail in the Bible as if it must be literal to prove their atheism. Why is that?

As people we spend a lot of time yelling about the fact religion is bogus. Hey, why don’t atheists just believe what ever it is they want to believe and let the rest of us except the Word for what we think it is. I’m just saying…