Not too good

Sat through Invincible tonight and was mildly entertained by the over use of loping heads. There was sort of a story there but very little. More effects less story! That’s the key. What got to me the most was the total abandonment of even trying to stick to Greek Mythology. We have the monster The Titans who the gods beat in a war. But first Zeus was a busy guy with ladies. Click HERE to see all his offspring.

As for the titans they were:

Not a bunch of monsters locked in a box. They were not killed but banished to Tarterus. Now how did Althea DIE?  Hmmm. Do we know?  Little points: Chronos (ruler of the titans) was father to Zeus. Zeus fathered almost all the other gods. Not to mention the missing gods Hecate or Demeter and Persephone.

I don’t mind bending the truth or creating an alternate reality but this film did neither. I wonder if the writer even read Edith Hamilton.

Off to bed…zzz