Patti Shea

When I look back over all the photos I’ve taken I keep coming back to this shot I took of Patti Shea. I believe it was about 1973 and the location is Galveston, Texas. I was using a Canon F-1 camera sporting a 35mm fixed focal length lens. I was using Kodak TRI-X film pushed to 1600 ISO. When I developed the film I used a compensating developer called ethol-Blue. And yes, it was blue.

I scanned this negative with my Nikon film scanner then put it into Photoshop to clean up the negative. In the old days we’d call it spotting the film. Dust was a constant enemy. I worked hard to maintain the same tone, texture and exposure of the original along with good grain representation.

Oh the old days. Long ago but still beautiful, my wife Patti Shea.

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