The Master

Prof. Ratigan Reviews

As a scientist and a connoisseur, what is in this remarkable potion?

I’ve noted the sensation before now, but it’s back and deeper than ever.  My brain has seized.  I try to wrap my head around it, think of something to comment on, and *whisp* it’s gone again.  I think I’m confused–then I really must be, musn’t I–but I can’t be certain.  Is it because I didn’t get it or because I did get it and this is exactly what Paul Thomas Anderson wanted The Master (2012) to do to my fragile mind.  I left the theater just an hour ago and all I can think is, “Thank God I’m seeing it again tomorrow.”  I think that means I liked it.  Right?

Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix) is an Id.  If an Id drank antifreeze to get right.  Quell answers that frequently asked question, “How did they find out…

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