It all Comes Down to This

In our Internet driven marketing world an unusual phenomena is taking place. It’s being driven into our heads that if we are in business (of any kind) we have to have a website. There are services that offer “free” websites without the need of a developer, programer, marketing plan or anything. The one I chose was WIX.COM.

Sure enough I put together a nice looking website in less than an hour. BUT, there are a few issues here. I know how to organize a website. I know how the basic structure should be developed because I create websites. For the myth of “free” it’s just a myth. If you want your company to carry banner ads for WIX.COM telling your customers to get their own website today; CLICK HERE, you have to pay. Tell me how many company websites carry ads like this? Blogs do as a way to create revenue but a company website should be all about selling you.

Let me ask you this, how much do you know about graphic design? I can handle small jobs but bigger ones I leave to the pros. By that I mean I call a professional full time graphics designer and contract the work. I know enough not to tread into territory I don’t fully understand. Now another question, do you know what an SEO is? I mean really is and oh, can your really write copy?

I have learned that the Internet is much like a living thing. That’s because people drive usage, so today Pinterest is hot and tomorrow, well that’s tomorrow. We’ll figure it out when it comes.

The point here is simple. At WIX your use templates to build your site but I mean, really, do you know the current best practices for website organization and content? I mean awhile back the landing page was kept simple using a drill down menu driven model but today that’s not the deal. People don’t stay long so we’ve found that you need a reasonable amount of content on your landing page so if that’s the only page they see it answers the questions that brought that person to your website.

Before you do anything read this  – social media

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Really can they write this book? I mean in six weeks Facebook will have changed fifty times, a new social network will be all the rage and still it boils down to, “Am I making any money?” Hey I create websites and see things change in a week.

I’m just saying, these one size fits all shops let you do it yourself or they do it for you in 7 days. Watch your URL if you don’t like your provider. They may own it now. I mean they could always sell it back to you, right?

After writing and producing four feature films I’ve learned not only to embrace collaboration, I crave it. Where there is a good conflict and open minded engaged humans great things can happen.

I finished writing a book and it was great fun really. If you just don’t love to write, well forget it. What I missed was collaboration. That moment where the other guy has that idea that moves a project from mundane to magic.

Can’t say it any plainer. Contract your website. Use someone like me. I shape a team for your project based upon real needs. I have a stable of great writers, graphic artists, marketing gurus, and you know what ever it takes. I work in a virtual environment. I build a team based upon need, complexity, reach and desired end results. Maybe for your budget you only get me. That works but if I feel your goals can’t be met based on the current working model I scream, “Contractor!”

You know what’s cool about doing things this way, I get to work with great people and different people from job to job. That’s always the way movies have been made so I’m use to it. Don’t be fooled by empty promises of great web analytics. There really isn’t any Yellow Brick Road.

Same idea when someone wants to become an instant writer or photographer. It doesn’t work. You know like so many other people I’ve had to pay my dues. I don’t use magic.