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23689687Perfectionism: (noun) Refusal to accept anything other than perfect.

Perfectionist Anonymous meeting: “My name is Patti and I am a perfectionist.”

I never strove to be this. I was born this way.

I have never in my life not made the bed unless I was at a hotel. I hated “paint by number” sets. One mistake, one teeny brushstroke off and I was so done with it. Little plastic thimbles-ful of paint into the trash. My knitting is according to the directions – always. If I wind up with an extra stitch, I would never just knit two together to make the math work. Nope. The row gets ripped out until I find where the knitting went off in the ditch.

It wouldn’t occur to me to not gather a handful of out-of-place stuff as I walk through the house. Flip flops on the stairs for the…

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