Business itemsWhat a week this has been. Thanksgiving is already done and its only the 23rd of November. Patti and I were in Chicago over the weekend to see our daughter who lives up there. The day before we came home, we realized Thanksgiving was this week! We both thought it was next week. After a period of panic, we settled down. All is good. It always seems once you hit Halloween the next day is Christmas. November and December just evaporate. Every year I keep trying to think of a way to slow all this down. I don’t know about you but I still haven’t found a way. Maybe with Thanksgiving coming so early this year December will feel slower and more enjoyable than usual. I hope so.

I have so much work that needs to get done I’m not sure that it’s going to slow no matter how hard I try. I am tying up loose ends on my first Robin Randle novel trying to meet my deadlines. I have a few final tweaks to make on the manuscript, artwork is getting completed and my author platform is almost ready. I need more email subscribers so you’ll see a push coming very soon. You can sign up for the Robin Randle newsletter at https://mailchi.mp/05545a3bf78b/robinrandle or by clicking HERE. I have rebuilt my personal website, my blog and the Robin Randle website. All are listed below. I still have more work to do in preparation for the books release but I’m nearly there. At least the book is ready!

Speaking of books, the second Robin Randle story is moving along. I got past the speed bump I’d hit. A chapter named Friendship’s Bargain was a killer to get right. I think it works pretty well now so now I’m about 84,000 words along and closing in on finishing part one. Part two should go faster. I say that now. I have done a lot of rewriting as I’ve gone along but still need to do a lot more work on what I’ve written before the manuscript is ready for the editors to have at it. It has been a lot of fun to write. The title of this book is Legends of the End. More on the story is coming soon. Watch Robin’s website for more info. I will send out a newsletter as well once I get a one page synopsis written.

I’m also working with my wife on preparing a new version of the book we created titled No Windows No Doors The title comes from a phrase one homeless man used to describe his life. This book is the sum of the life stories of several homeless people living in Kansas City. The writing is by Patti Dickinson and photographs by Wood Dickinson. I spent more than a year developing relationships and building trust with these men and women so they would sit with us and tell their stories and allow me to take their photographs. The original limited edition version was created for the Uplift Organization back in 2011. I want to publish a more affordable version of this book. Watch for more info on that project as it develops. I’m hoping to see it hit Amazon the first part of 2019.

I do have an author’s page at Goodreads now so head over there and ask me questions. I’m also looking for folks interested in reviewing the soon to be published Robin Randle novel. Let me know if you would like to receive an advance copy of the book so you can write a review to post on Amazon when the book is published. You can contact me through my website. All web info –

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