Cover Art 2 master smallYesterday my daughter Elizabeth brought me the artwork to be used for the cover of my novel The Madness of Robin Randle. It is a wonderful watercolor painting. We spent a lot of time talking about the story, its mood and locations along with Robin’s view of the world through out the book. Elizabeth did an amazing job distilling all that into a piece of art.

Another unsung hero of this project is my journalist and baker son Andrew. I have prevailed on his past experience doing layout and design to take the manuscript and turn it into an amazing looking book. This is all happening. Andrew now has the cover art so he’s finishing the book and eBook layouts. I can’t thank these two enough for helping me bring this book project to fruition.

There will be a blitz next week ahead of the publication launch so stay tuned. This is a good time to join the email newsletter for Robin Randle. I promise not to dump a billion emails into your inbox. To join click HERE. I say this because members will get an offer soon for a chance to get a free copy of the eBook. You will also get notifications about how to buy signed copies and other merchandize as it becomes available. A little selfless self promotion.

It has been a journey getting to this point. Writing a book changes you. I hope if you choose to buy a copy and read it you will be changed as well. I’m always looking for folks willing to write a review of the book. I will send you an advance copy until the book hits Amazon next week.