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MASTER_TMoRR_cover_book SMALLFinally it’s here. The Madness of Robin Randle is available now at Amazon in both print and Kindle editions. It has been a journey. I have to thank my daughter Elizabeth for creating an amazing cover. It is a wonderful watercolor painting. I will make reproductions of this piece of art available for purchase sometime in the near future. I also have to thank my son Andrew who put in long hours creating both the print and eBook editions. We spent a lot of quality time on the phone walking through edits, corrections and design issues. I also need to thank my wife Patti who never complained when I asked how to spell a word that spellcheck just couldn’t understand or puzzled through grammatical issues. Thank God she majored in English.

I dedicated this book to my wife Patti Shea. She has been and always will be my inspiration. When I’d want to give up she encouraged, when the writing had run off the rails she would guide me back. Thank you Patti Shea. I’m the luckiest man. I’ve been married now forty-four years to a woman I can still take out to dinner and never run out of things to talk about. She has given me such love and support through this entire project. Not only that but she is tolerating me writing my second novel about this tempestuous person named Robin Randle. I’m the first person to admit that I can be a bit difficult some days as I create these stories. For those of you who don’t write fiction I have to tell you that “making up” a story is a rather complex and mysterious process. It goes better some days than others and you get mad at your characters when they don’t behave. This can leave you in a bit of a state at the end of the day. Patti always listens to my rants that erupt from all this without complaint.

This novel came from a strange place. I was working on another project called Mercy Lake that was to be a multi-media based project. I had done a ton of research for this story and as I was developing the characters one of them was giving me trouble. She was Robin Randle a waitress at a diner in the town of Mercy Lake. She wasn’t a big deal to the story but I was having a lot of trouble filling in the blanks of her life. So, I decided to write a short story with her as the main player. It was called, The Night Crawlers. When I finished it, I knew there was more to the story so I kept writing. After two more “short stories” I knew I had the start of a much longer piece. I created a structure and started to “learn things” that pertained to Robin. I let it roll and I followed. I have to say I learned a lot about a lot of things least of which was how to let a story just unfold. As strange as it sounds, Robin had a story to tell and it wasn’t the one I was wanting to tell. I learned she wasn’t part of the Mercy Lake project but something entirely new. I didn’t start out thinking I’d write a novel. That wasn’t on my agenda. I’m a movie guy. What happened was I found it so liberating to be able to just wander around and explore as I was writing. This is a thing you can’t do when writing a film.

So here it is. What started out as The Robin Randle Stories evolved into just the first Robin Randle story so the title changed to The Madness of Robin Randle. Her next story is Legends of the End. I hope it will be out later this year. Pick up a copy of my new book at Amazon and leave a review after you’ve read it. Post the same review on goodreads.com too. Also tell your friends. Sign up for the Robin Randle Newsletter at RobinRandle.com.