Indie Publication

I’m now officially an indie-publisher which goes hand in hand with the fact I’m already an indie-author. This is the first time I’ve seriously self-published a book. I read all kinds of blogs, bought people’s eBooks about how to do this, you know, I did my homework. Even with all that preparation I’m still finding myself on a rather steep and frustrating learning curve.

One of the major problems is time. The amount of time I’m spending doing all the stuff needed to seek some measure of success is killing me. I can see how younger folks with a much larger social network following can jump the curve a bit. You have to deal with Facebook, email blasting services who require you to build the mail list from scratch, Amazon who throws roadblocks up for getting reviews, getting listed at all the websites like Goodreads to BookBub (not to mention findingthese sites and determining if they will be helpful). All this comes with spending money boostingFacebook posts, buying ad space and paying fees to join things like the Alliance of Independent Authors and other organizations all aimed at helping indie-authors.

When I come out the other end of this I’ll know what works, where to spend my money and time. Like they say, “Experience is the best teacher.” I mean I could have paid to watch webinars or gone to conferences where expertstell you how to do all this. Right? What I’m finding is now that I’m in the middle of this I can evaluate the true relevance of all this information. Too much noise. Too many scammers. Not enough time. I mean I am trying to do what I really know how to do and that’s write another book! There is a world of difference between being a novelist and being a marketing expert. My past business experience helps me a lot but I can see how folks without any of that would be at a loss and at the mercy of folks who want to spend their money regardless the outcome.

I guess when I’m done marketing my first book I’ll be an expert too. I could write a how toeBook! Not! Bottom line: I need reviews at Amazon and Goodreads. If you hit Goodreads you can enter for a chance to win a free signed copy of my book. Hurry though. The promotion ends soon. For you Kindle Unlimited members you can read the book for free. I hope some of you can help. It is a wild and crazy story but so far folks seem to enjoy the ride through Robin’s mind as she fights to put it back together.

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