Going Crazy

I’m working with PR folks getting a PR blitz ready for my latest novel. I find I have rewritten the pitch copy about a million times now and think I’m slowly descending into insanity. Every time I change it I have to go to all these places on websites, Facebook etc to update the copy. LIFE. Use to be so much simpler. Just FYI as of 9AM of March 27th here is the copy. Let me know if you like it. Is it getting better?

The Madness of Robin Randle Variant

Robin Randle’s life ended when her father tried to beat her to death.

Now machines keep her alive, her brain already gone. Yet she dreams. Dreams that she is lost in a land called The Region, searching for a star, her star that is locked away in a palace full of starlight. When she takes it, the coma ends and she wakes to find seven months have passed. Her memories of The Region dissolve into bits and pieces of dream-time mixed with nightmares.

Now trapped in a listless existence with life chipping away at her humanity, something emerges from her nightmares. It is a wind wrapped in darkness and sounding like thousands of dead leaves laced with subtle fingers of ice. It is the monsters. It is death coming to claim the one it had lost. Scared and confused, a mysterious man demands she come with him if she wants to live, so she runs.

Living the impossible, her mind splinters into different lives, memories shattering into broken moments. The dreams from her coma have become real. The Region, a land forsaken of all hope, exists. An evil plan wraps around her, fighting for her destruction. Who created it and why is she called The Storm Bringer? Robin fights to unearth the truth as she slips between two worlds and impossible realities meeting a woman whose arm is covered in a living tattoo, that seems to be a map of Robin’s future.

Lost between darkness and wonder she races across America fighting to unlock her memories before insanity takes her. She searches for her true purpose that seems imprisoned in a black tower. A tower of glass that stands in the Valley of Dying Stars, a place of the unknowing, a trap set to keep her forever locked away under the stars of madness. What she doesn’t know is all the souls of humanity are depending on her.