Book Update

s-l1600I want to let everyone know where I am with the second Robin Randle story. I struggled to get to the finish-line on this novel. Lots of reasons. I knew what had to happen in the end but I didn’t understand the how of  how things got there. It took me awhile to sort that out but I feel when you let you brain chew on these things, make lots of notes, right the wrong ending a few times and spend several sleepless night messing with all of this things become clear. For me, I just can’t force it. I also think there is this letting go thing that happens when you get to the end. I hate to say goodbye to my characters. Once the editing starts my aditude towards the material changes and I’m just not engaged in the same way with the people in the story. More on this later.

I finished draft one at about 117,000 words and I’m already up to 119,000 words and only through the third chapter. I can tell the book will grow a lot as I unpack the scenes that were originaly under written. Changes will happen big and small and I’m getting notes from my first reader and incorperating those ideas into the novel as well.

I’m off to the train station heading to Chicago for a Cubs game! Go Cubs Go!