Legends of the End

I’m still finishing my final edit of my latest novel, Legends of the End I’m sure much to the frustration of my editor. Life has been complicated and sometimes finishing feels more like being stuck on a Möbius strip. I’ve needed to be there for Patti while she recovers from knee replacement and taking that time off has made it difficult to get my rhythm back. Funny for a musician to say that! I have been slogging through the last three chapters of Part One. The bulk of the novel takes place in this part so the stack of pages sitting next to me on my desk is getting smaller.

These last few chapters have taken a lot of attention. Lots of things to rewrite and other things to unpack. Several moving parts and I don’t want to hand it off until I’m happy that all these parts make sense. I have done a lot of thinking about the why of Robin’s actions, her demise as this part of the story winds down and that’s been a good thing. Sometimes I think backing away from something for a bit gives you a chance to view the story with some perspective. I find when I’m in the heat of battle creating the story it’s difficult to separate things like I should. Now I better understand what it is that drives Robin at this point so, I have some heavy rewriting to go. I’m finishing up the chapter called, When the Stars Become Right. Not much left there. It’s the next chapter, Written on the Air of Night that’s going to take some work. After that it’s downhill to, Friendship’s Bargain, Into the Black and finally, A Time of Endings. That will get me to page 260 of the manuscript. Part Two is not in need of nearly as much work as Part One was so I’m hoping to get things off in about three weeks. Seems I’ve said this before…

I have several other things needing to get done, photos submitted for contests, a trip to Texas to see some old friends (fun), and then there’s the colonoscopy (not fun). How about I say four weeks.

PS – I want to pass on some new reviews of The Madness of Robin Randle just for fun. I posted them on the Robin Randle Facebook page. They come from a neat website called the Online Book Club. Click HERE.