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Shadow #1

I know. It’s been a very long time since I wrote a blog. To be honest blogging is not my thing. It’s more my wife’s thing. I’m more comfortable weaving my emotions into a piece of fiction. Look, maybe that seems a bit harder than just getting it out there but for me it feels safer. God knows feeling safer isn’t something we’re use to during this global pandemic.

The new normal isn’t fun is it? The staying at home too much. The not traveling. The watching way too much bad TV and another thing, I think I’m smoking too many cigars.

I have learned to hate Zoom. Anyone who thinks virtual meetings are almost as good as the real thing are sociopaths. Just saying’. I think when you stick a computer between your face to face meetings the true essence of interpersonal communications is lost. We Zoomed Christmas this year and I bet you agree it sucked. We are all suffering trauma from this lack of being with people. I’m in an at risk group so I’ve had to limit or stop my social interactions even with my immediate family. We humans are social creatures so all this social distancing, wearing masks and staying home takes a toll. I hate it like most everyone but it’s something we have to do until enough people get vaccinated. We reach herd immunity we break this virus. Then we can seek the new normal.

I have been writing. At times it’s hard. I like to get out of the house and work. It may sound strange but when I write I like to be out where people are. All the activity around me doesn’t distract me at all. It’s kind of like the ocean. Great background noise. While the weather was warm I’d go out on our screened in porch which offers a great view of the neighborhood. I could see folks taking walks, hear kids playing, it’s all soothing to me. Now that it’s cold I miss it.

I have finished my latest novel, Legends of the End. It is another story about Robin Randle. I sent it off to my editor and have made one pass through it and just yesterday he sent that updated manuscript back to me with a lot of notes. I mean a lot of notes! I expected he would and would have been disappointed had he not. I’m moving into the developmental edit on the novel and hope I can knock it out in two months but it is a long book.

I have also started a new novel. It’s a spinoff from this last one and I’m just calling it Alexander for the moment. I have had to do extensive research to get it off the ground. I think all that time will have been worth it. I have learned a lot and that always opens up new possibilities. We meet Alex in Legends of the End and this new novel is what happens to him next. Kind of an origin story but it may go on for two or three novels before it is finally finished. I see a long story arc and it feels like its end is way out there. You never know. Now I’ll find out if I can write a new book while I edit my last one. Never done this before. It is two very different writing efforts that seem to use opposite parts of the brain. At least it’s 2021. Right?