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Mysteria in Tredecim

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Hekate's Key

The Key to Hell

Update. My novel The Robin Randle Stories, is with an editor. So I’m kind of stuck. That’s not really true, I am trying to get a new old house ready to move into. Our current home was built in 1941 but that’s not old enough anymore. Our new old house was built in 1919. Maybe as you get older you want everything around you to get even more older. I’m just saying.

So about three weeks ago I’m trying to wake up. I’m off the news feed until there is a story worth reading or seeing, that doesn’t have the word Trump in it. So while I’m waking up an idea hits me. When I first conceived The Robin Randle Stories it felt like it would contain three books in it, not just two. I always thought the first two would be the novel but I just felt that a third book would come along to round things out a bit. I didn’t know what that third book was until I was trying to wake up and avoid the new broadcasts.

It would be a book penned by Station Cross, Robin’s partner. The novel is in first person personal point of view so Robin has to be there all the time just like we are. There are things that happen that are a mystery to Robin as events unfold both because she just doesn’t remember things right and she’s just not there when people do other things. I realized Station does a lot of stuff Robin doesn’t understand or know about. The third book was born.

I started writing it and got well into it three times (that starting over again three times) before I got the feel of it right. To pay tribute to the false starts I gave the book three different titles. Station had to work through her “naming” of the book finally arriving at the simple title, The Thirteen Mysteries or Mysteria in Tredecim.

About 13,350 words later I think I have a solid draft. Took me about three weeks to get it to near finished condition. If that ever happens. I don’t know if it belongs in the novel or not. Funny how that works. I’ll let the editor make the call. I will always have it and can publish it as a chapbook if there is any interest after the novel comes out. Can’t sneak it out early, spoilers!

It was a lot of fun writing about Robin’s story from her partners point of view. Station has such a different voice. It is deeper and harder in a way but it does surprise at times with softness. I learned that she carries a different set of worries from Robin’s but no less difficult. So now all the mysteries are explained. How plans were made, what choices brought on later hardships and how Station puzzled out a way to help Robin even when she thought it would be impossible to do so.

I took a bit of time out yesterday to create another teaser trailer for the novel. Guess its the filmmaker in me. I also got Robin’s website up which is where you can see the new teaser. The URL is Oh, the three titles,

Mysteria Eleusiniaas

Sanctissimis Antiquioribus Ordinis Mysteria Eleusiniaas

also know as

The Thirteen Mysteries

(Mysteria in Tredecim)



Station Cross

Slow Bells and Silent Whistles

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Well now I’m at 32,000 words on Robin’s story. I have 2 chapters left so I guess everyone gets their wish for a novel. I’m really not use to counting words really. With scripts it’s pages. Each page being about 1 minute of screen time.

I usually don’t talk about the “how” I get this writing done and I find a lot of people don’t want to know. It spooks them out. They ought to be me for a day. Screen plays are methodical. Novels are organic. I’m really hooked. It’s a lot harder to write prose but it takes you to such fun places it is well worth the ride.

Research for this book:

The Soul After Death by Fr. Seraphim Rose
Solomonic Archangels and Demon Prince by Stephen Skinner & David Rankine
Grimoires by Owen Davies
The Kabbalah Peach Hagaddah by The Rv Berg Sheltie
The Holy Bible by God
Magik of the Ancient Gods by Ford
Biblical Fragments from Mt. Sinai by J. Rendel Harris.

And many more. I will list all books, websites etc when I get finished up. It’s so funny, people think you just sit down and make things up but beyond these books I’ve used all kinds of maps and references for local areas. It never seems to end.

Personally I find this part to be really fun. I’m curious and love to learn.

I ask for a bit more indulgence. Those who have offered to read the initial draft, it is very close. I do know how this part ends but there is a lot of pieces I forgot along the way and I keep plugging then in.

I could still use a few more readers. You will get a rough copy of the bock bound, signed and numbered by me. Read it and MARK IT UP. No grammar or spelling corrections just content. Once I have all remarks coded I will return to you for your enjoyment.

Being a filmmaker I love being trashed so I can think more clearly. No ego here.

Then a first official revision will be made and used with a book proposal so I can find a publisher. I’d love to do a special edition through someone like if possible then located a larger publisher for a wider distribution.

I’ve done all this with films and have been release by, LIONSGATE, Imagination, The Lifetime Channel and on and on. So I’m not arrogant just motivated.

Any help (advice) would be great. Have a great Labor Day.

New Portfolio

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