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Not Missing or Lost

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Trail #34

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog. Been busy and holidays etc etc… So here’s what I’m up to. I’m working on a series of images of paths. Mostly dirt foot paths but I am also finding steps and dirt roads that seem to fit to me. I will write soon about my thinking on the subject and the type of treatments I’m using. Peace.

Work in Progress

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Back from Block Island with about a million digital negatives that I shot over the nine-day trip. Right out of the gate I find myself in a conundrum. I found this house that was once a church. I mopeded over to photograph it. At the time it seemed to present a fairly straight forward photograph. Planning on it being a Black & White and all that but then I get back here to Kansas City and when I look at the negative I shot it explodes with all kinds of possible stories.

What to do? The trials of an artist. It’s not like there’s one right answer. So I put it to you. I am attaching the original capture and the original corrected capture. The corrected one has been edited to take out the irritating bending the lens adds to the shot. From there I fell down a rabbit hole. Let me know which one (or none) of these versions works for you. I feel I’m far from done exploring this photograph and it’s just the first of around 1300 negatives! Of for the days of film…

Block Island House-10

Original photo #10

Block Island House-3

Corrected version for lens issues – #3

Block Island House #1


Block Island House-2


Block Island House-4


Block Island House-5


Block Island House-6


Block Island House-7


Block Island House-8


Block Island House-9


Keep Working

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Hey Photographers!

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I love Perfect Photo Suite 8 and use it all the time. It is an integral part of my workflow. To be fair, I also use Nik, Topaz and other secret type stuff as well. I love Nik’s  U Point® technology. It allows me to be very detailed in my work. Anyway this bundle is a great deal. The bundle is normally $179.95 but now you can get nine major editing tools for only $129.95. It’s a real a bargain.

It’s Beyond Me

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As an artist I look at the world differently than most or at least I’ve been told that. I’m interested in the how of things and the why of things. When I first heard about fractal geometry it had never occurred to me that their needed to be a geometry that would describe the construction of clouds and trees.

I spent time looking at fractal objects and then discovered Mandelbrot Sets. When I saw the Windmill Hill crop

Windmill Hill, Wiltshire, 29th July 1996. Copyright: Colin Andrews See more at:

Windmill Hill, Wiltshire, 29th July 1996.
Copyright: Colin Andrews
See more at:

circle in 1996 things just seemed to stop. No matter how foreign these things are to my way of seeing the world I have to wonder where this “other” geometry comes from. When I saw the above image carved out of a farmer’s field things changed in me. I felt suddenly willing to open myself to unorthodox possibilities.

I wondered, why do we need two sets of rules if we all live in the same place. I also wondered why Quantum Physics just won’t jive up with Newton’s Physics.

I know Colin Andrews and one of the most profound things he said to me was, “It really doesn’t matter if people make a crop circle or some force unknown to us. The people got their idea from someplace and maybe that someplace is trying to tell us something!”

I know I can only think things through to a certain point. My mind just tilts a different way so I let some greater power take over and finish the job I can’t. I think part of the reason art exists is to explain the connection between these two places. Those of us open enough to accept the possibility. The math involved in the creation of the image above is beyond me. But still I seek truth and what’s real.

Maybe this power that drives fractal geometry also drives us. The pity is we spend most of our lives running away from it.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year…

Up too Late on Christmas Eve

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FlyLast night I went to see Frozen with two of my daughters. Got home about midnight a bit wired so I sat down and wrote and edited on The Robin Randle Stories. Next thing I know it’s 3 AM! Wow. Now today I’m still working on Robin’s little story but need to call it a day. It is Christmas.

The update is, Robin’s getting close to finished. Some of the transitional scenes near the end are giving me fits but hey, that’s what writings all about. Right? Never give up, Never surrender. You just keep going till the damn thing’s beat you to death! By the way, this photo here is one I took flying to New York in 2005 I think. Just found it and it spoke to me. Post production time on this photograph, three hours. Just sayin’. Oh, and if you want to be a writer, make sure pounding criticism is one of those things that doesn’t bother you.

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. Let the light of God’s love shine in your heart.


100 in 365 version 2.0 soft cover edition

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Out now. The soft cover edition of 100 in 365 version 2.0. To look and buy click HERE.

100 in 365 version 2.0

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