Buy Photographs

If you intend to purchase a limited edition print from No Windows No Doors now is the time. There are only 12 of each prints for sale. The prints are printed on aluminum floated on an aluminum matt and ready to hang. You can frame them as well. Sizes vary from piece to piece. To […]

Been Awhile

Truck #22
It seems like it has been a long time since I posted here. I have been finishing the photos to be used in exhibition at Project Uplifts 20th Anniversary Gala this coming March AND putting the special edition book together as well. The book will have my photos of a group of homeless men and women here in Kansas City and it will also have their stories written by my wife Patti

Reading a photograph

I know I will offend some people but today I shut off my Flicker account. I know a lot of people use it but it has become chaotic and filled with frauds. Let me tell you what I’m interested in. ART! I am not interested in “pretty” pictures. To create art you must be curious. […]

Monsters of Mission

Field Notes: I think they noticed me today. Some people have asked what the hand was attached to. The entire monster was too big to take in with one look. I just suddenly saw the hand moving toward the sky and snapped my camera. When I turned to see what it belonged to I was […]