All Star Break Hangover…

What didn’t go unnoticed was the Monday night BOOING of Robinson Cano. He’s a Yankee (Yankees are not well liked in KC in the first place) who was chosen to be Captian for the American League and picked the team that would play in the Home Run Derby. The KC fans were miffed because he didn’t put the Royals Billy Butler on the team. Butler was the only Royal chosen for the All Stars and a fan favorite with Royals fans. Cano got a lesson in politics. Yes, politics even in picking the Home Run Derby team. He ended up with 0 home runs and 10 outs. I don’t think he had a good time.


I started thinking about passages last nigh. Not dirty hallways in haunted houses but the passage of a milestone in life.

Last night we had one as Meghan, my High School Senior, received her pin for lettering in volleyball. We all listened to the words of the seniors as they bid farewell to an experience that will never come again.

For a few short weeks a group of girls came together to create Shawnee Mission East’s Varsity Volleyball team 2011. Each one brought their own skills, ability to learn, and personality. This year this group of girls won their league championship. Their record 10 and 1.

Meghan’s Art

School is almost done for 2011. Meghan, now a high school senior, brought home the work she has been doing in “Print Making Class.” This particulate print astounded me. It contains many of the Gestalt principle that I have talked about. Great job Meghan. I’m getting it framed. Oh, and this is NOT a photograph.