And there we were

Had a wonderful weekend in Chicago with my wife Patti Shea. Made me think of this: “And there we were, in a kind of harmony; and the evening was so beautiful, that it made a pain in my heart, as when you cannot tell whether you are happy or sad; and I thought that if […]

Movie Days

This is one of the most innovative and fun theatres I ever dreamed up. Then I got to build it. It was called the Northrock 14. It originally was next door to the original Northrock theatres in Wichita, Kansas. The reversed style auditorium was a concept that came to me when I was at a workshop in a live performance theatre. As you can see the projector is in the center of the auditorium and has a large glass window showing off the equipment inside much like the old Imax theatres use to do. The auditorium is backwards in that the wide part of the room is at the front and the small end at the back. It isn’t a box. It’s also backwards from a conventional live theatre auditorium.


I came across this photo today. It is a picture of me at 9 and my brother Kent at 15. It is August 1962 and the location is somewhere in New Hampshire. This is all I know. Not sure who took the shot. Probably my mom. Also I don’t know why my late brother Scott isn’t in it. Mysteries. What I want to think about is how does this photo make me “feel.” The original is a 3×3 inch faded color print. There aren’t any markings on the back except

Big Brutus

I took this photo several years ago while on a road trip with two of my girls. I’d always wanted to see this monster but not something you do with the wife and kids in the car. Big Brutus. You know the road trips I use to take with my kids are some of the most precious memories I have. I have eight children so to spend three or for days with just one or two was a wonderful way to connect.