How I do it…

October is my favorite month so I was looking back at some work I did last year. The monsters of Mission. It was a very fun project and maybe I’ll do it again but in a broader sense. I’m out of Mission so I try very hard NOT to go there. There are a lot […]

Ways of Seeing

  Let me know which you like. They are 1-4 starting from the top.    


A work in progress.

Meghan’s Art

School is almost done for 2011. Meghan, now a high school senior, brought home the work she has been doing in “Print Making Class.” This particulate print astounded me. It contains many of the Gestalt principle that I have talked about. Great job Meghan. I’m getting it framed. Oh, and this is NOT a photograph.

The Fog

A few weeks back we had a couple of days where the fog around Kansas City got pretty bad. This time of year it can be 70 one day and snow the next. I spent a little time hunting around town looking for the right objects I needed to create some ideas I’ve been wanting to work on. This is one. I know the element of fog may not be apparent but it gave me the atmosphere I needed to work with.