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And there we were

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Had a wonderful weekend in Chicago with my wife Patti Shea.
Made me think of this:

“And there we were, in a kind of harmony;
and the evening was so beautiful, that it
made a pain in my heart, as when you
cannot tell whether you are happy or sad;
and I thought that if I could have a wish, it
would be that nothing would ever change,
and we could stay that way forever.”

-Margaret Atwood

Thousands flee erupting Indonesian volcano | Bangkok Post: breakingnews

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 523949b481ecbThousands flee erupting Indonesian volcano | Bangkok Post: breakingnews.

During the Time of Shadows

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tower22 copy

Black Tower

I was closing on the tower.  It was round with a pointed roof cap a good four stories above me.  It was completely black but not like dirty stone streaked with ages of dust storms and polluted air, no it shined in the tepid moonlight reminding me of obsidian.  No, it was obsidian and the glass surface was covered with ancient words.  As hard as it was for me to believe, the tower looked to be one single piece of stone carved into this shape.  As I approached, it loomed overhead emitting black like the natural glass it was.  This tower had been forged in the heart of a volcano and born perfectly formed just for this purpose.  The writing had been etched with painstaking accuracy onto the tower’s glass surface then fused with a power that made the words glow with light.  Different colored lights passed through the letters as they gave power to these ancient words.  This language was born deep in the mists of my memory.  It was when the ancient gods of the chaos had laid their plans to hold power over all creation.  These words were as old as the wretched seven words of pure magic.

Energy streaked around the tower first in the color of white lightning but then fading to blood red giving way to a pale blue glow.  These sparks of lightning shattered the night as they wove the wicked north wind that was leaving my hands numb.

The trail played out near the base of the tower.  I wanted to keep my distance from the wretched object but that wasn’t happening.  I couldn’t imagine touching this horror.  I found myself in awe of the hopelessness held by this monstrous bit of Wormwood’s handy work.  The wind had taken on the bitter smell of almonds and the frigid air swirled around me like snakes, crushing me with the power of a language I could no longer understand.  It was spinning the terror of the unknowing.  The terror of this tower’s unknowing.  This tower should not be.  Yet, here it was.  I had to do something to get away from this freakish, malformed cold.  I could only hope this chaos wasn’t living inside the tower as well.  I forced my feet into an awkward stumble as I made my way around the tower’s base only to fall face first onto the ground of the redwood forest.  As I spit dirt and pine needles from my mouth I forced myself to get up off the molding ground.  It was then I saw it.  A problem designed to pull the last bit of hope from my heart.  The doorless opening for the tower was a good fifteen feet above ground level.  I just had to be short right?

Words like the ones on the tower

Words like the ones on the tower

A Wonderful Event

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Test of Fire

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This says it all.

100 in 365

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Slowly I’m working toward my goal. This is difficult this year with film projects moving and finishing up my book. I also have other writing to do and lots of reading. Of course there are other secret projects in the works. I hope you understand. When you are a one man shop a lot falls on your shoulders until funding is in place and a team can be constructed.

Amerikan Inspired Eugenics

A lot of what I’m researching now is the impact of cell phones (texting), Facebook, twitter et. al.  (and company for the non latin speakers.  There is so little work done in this area but the need to understand the impact is great. Also propaganda is exploding in this country at a rate I never believed I see. Fact check EVERYTHING. I will continue to cover the art of propaganda.

I had a caught ask me how the Nazi’s controlled the German people. Good question. I explained there was a minister of propaganda to start with. Follow that with Gestapo enforcement, a level of fear was maintained. Kids enrolled in the Hitler Youth Movement and indoctrination was in place. Eugenics was unpopular so Hitler moved the clinic out into the country and they became the basis for the death camp. Seems Jews and some Gypsies and Catholics among others comprised the people Hitler felt were inferior. The scary part is Eugenics was born here in the USA and practiced for a limited time. Hitler made sure the US program would never get off the ground. Thanks God.

Here I go off topic. This photo is of an abandoned farm-house I stopped at on one of my many country drives. I shot these two years ago and I’m just now working with the images. More to come.

On Christmas morning…

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Mike (bass) and Dave (groupie) and Tony (drums)

On Christmas morning I received this Facebook message: “Sad to say, we lost Michael this morning about 8:00 A.M. CST, on a sunny, Christmas morn.”

Mike Murray (far left) lost his 35 year long battle with MS. Another good man leaves this Earth. Mike was a husband and father, a band mate in High School and most of all a good man and a friend. God’s Speed my friend. Now you are at peace.

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