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And no, I don’t mean train engineers. I was always taught that form follows function. Seems safe to me. Of course “safe” isn’t always fun. If “safe was all we wanted then there wouldn’t be  Macs vs PCs or better yet Windows vs OS X.

But, even while trying to make a product (design) fun, it still needs to function very well. I remember when Steve Jobs said the inside of a Mac needs to be as excellent as the outside. I agree. A real good looking car just may not be the car you need to get the job done.

Now, about the current iPhone. Who in the world thought putting the power button directly across from the volume buttons was a good idea? Did anyone (yes ANYONE) not notice that this was a bad design idea? Really, not one engineer or beta user?  No department head at Apple? Anyone for that matter notice this blunder before the product launched?

To make matters worse, to chase other companies “cool factor” Apple curved the edges of the phone making it much harder to hold. I know, hands free, I get it.

The same goes for Apples newest product, the AppleWATCH. I have to wonder, “Did the product team at Apple ever notice young people don’t wear watches?” Nope. Apple pushes ahead asking us to buy this $350 (really more like $600 to $700) watch so we can sit back and watch version 2 roll out in a year. Don’t we all have to have the newest version?

Me, I love watches. They are truly works of art. I’m talking mechanical not quartz movement watches. There are some fine quartz watches on the market and I have a few but it’s the mechanical watches that draw me. The form and function in either a MeisterSinger or an Ernst Benz shows beauty of form and function at its finest. There won’t be an “update” for these watches. No Legacy System here.


Memo – Someone at Apple, you should read The Fifth Discipline. I saw a short film Peter Senge screened several years ago. It was about Cremona, Italy. Cremona is the worlds greatest center for violin makers. Its most famous resident was Antonio Stradivari. This film detailed how experts have searched for the secrets Antonio knew that allowed him to make the finest violins the world has ever seen. In short, they failed.

Peter noted it isn’t about engineering or science but more about the soul of the violin maker.

Funny words for a MIT business professor to use.

I’m not on the AppleWATCH bandwagon and to be honest, I hate my current iPhone. I’m sick of endless product revision using the latest hardware, endless software revisions, well, you know the drill. Being a geek at heart I have a lot of what’s known as legacy systems around my house. Many of these systems truly don’t work with current software and operating systems.

Then there is my wonderful Les Paul circa 1970. It is all vintage and more valuable today than the day I bought it. To learn more about things –

Personal Mastery – The search for Stradivarius – Society for Organizational Learning

Why I Hate Digital Cameras, phones, computers, etc…

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nkd810It never fails. I bought a Mac Mini and within a month Apple released a new Mac Mini that is ten times better than the one I just bought. This summer I bought a Nikon D800 camera. It’s a fabulous piece of technology and light years ahead of my “over the hill” D2Xs.

So now, Nikon has a replacement for the D800! It’s the D810. What happens? The price of the D800 falls through the floor. I can’t trade up to a D810 without spending $1500 to $2000. I’m so over this kind of business. I think a company that sells a high-end piece of technology should offer some kind of price protection or reasonable upgrade path for those people who have a suddenly obsolete (but very expensive) piece of tech.

I spent about $2500 for my D800 camera body. Thank God lenses can’t be obsoleted! I checked the price for a new D800 and it seems to be around $2,900 today. The D810 lists for $3,300. With the new camera out the price for a used D800 is dropping. Currently I could buy one for $2,300. So you know what I’d get on a trade.

This drives me crazy. Leica did the same thing when it introduced the M8. They said it would be a stable product and upgradable. They weren’t going to leave owners holding the bag. Guess what, Leica released an interim M8.2 then replaced that with the M9. Now they just call it the Leica M. Price for the M? $7,000 (body only). The M9 still sells for $7,000 too. My old M8 cost $2,400. I will say the value is holding for that camera. I see them selling for $1,700 on Amazon but the M7 (a 35mm film camera) is selling for $5,000. Oh hey, if you really want to be stupid Leica has a M version that shoots only Black & White digital images. Price, $8,000!

There was a time I used the beautifully crafted Nikon F5 35MM film camera. Again it cost about $2,400 but today you can get your very own for only $350. That’s a travesty. The F5 is a machine. All mechanical and the craftsmanship that goes into producing one is incredible.

That $2,400 range is about what I paid for my Nikon D2Xs. It was a top of the line Digital camera. Today they sell for $650. When Nikon release the D2’s replacement the price jumped to $6,000! Same as the Leica.

This is a hopeless situation. There is no doubt that my D800 is a fabulous camera. I will be using it for years. I just hate knowing within four months of purchasing it, it’s replaced and takes a huge hit on its value. Maybe that’s why I love film cameras. You can’t play this game.

I have no doubt there is a Nikon D820 just lurking around the corner to challenge the D810 buyers of today. This way of treating customers and I mean customers who are spending a lot of money with your company is over the moon. At some point in time the electronics industry (be it cameras, phones or computers) must find a better way. Leaving customers out in the cold like this is just not right.

100 in 365 Update

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I have been able to work on several photos. Most are shot with the iPhone and others are finished with software either on the iPhone or iPad. Where accurate straightening was needed I used Lightroom.

Here is my statement:

“The main force that drives my photography is my desire to see things as they truly are and not through the metaphor of language.  I feel language takes away our ability to see the uniqueness of the people and things that surround us every day.

I subscribe to Jacques Lacan’s notion of the Real.  Lacan argues inThe Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis that we must usethe Symbolic and the Imaginary to connect to the world around us and the primary tool is linguistics.  The Real is not the same thing as reality because our reality is composed of both the Imaginary and the Symbolic.  The Real is opposed to the Imaginary and stands outside the Symbolic.  In Lacan’s book, The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: Book II: The Ego in Freud’s Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis 1954–1955 (W. W. Norton & Company, 1991) Lacan makes it clear that “there is no absence in the Real.”  To see the Real is to experience a thing for the first time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To me this says what constitutes the Real is something observed in total.  No filters blocking the view or imaginary ideas polluting the observation.  In Lacan’s Seminar XI he defines the Real as “the impossible because it is impossible to imagine, impossible to integrate into the Symbolic, and impossible to obtain.”

I strongly feel it is the job of the artist to reach past the obstacles and capture an image as close to the state of the Real as we can.  We bring it back and by showing it to others we give people the opportunity to encounter the Real even though it is shown through the interpretation of the artist.”

100 in 365

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I’m on picture number 3 out of 100 to complete in 2012. As I’ve been developing this project the process and material of the project has become clear to me. What I’m going to do is use only my camera on my iPhone 4s and I will use finishing tools either on the phone, iPad or Mac but no Photoshop, Lightroom or other pro tools. I’m also going to try to focus on small objects. This gives the project cohesion. Enjoy.

iPhone Photos

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There are several photographers that have used the iPhone as their capture tool. The resolution isn’t very good, no zoom (on mine anyway) no flash just kind of general Lomo camera. That’s what I find so interesting about it. You always have your phone so there just isn’t a reason to capture images right now.

I have fun in the editing department using a combination of Photoshop/Lightroom along with several standalone apps made for the Mac, iPhone or iPad. I haven’t seen the new iPhone but I hear the resolution is much improved and that would be good. I like having too much information so I can achieve my goals by taking away not puzzling over how to “fix” the photo. This shot is called “chair.”


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What a wonderful October day. Sun wispy clouds being blown by a gentle breeze. I feel that cutting knife in the wind cold and deadly but if I just relax it doesn’t cut so deep. Not like it will come November.

Using a wonder of invention, the iPad to hunt and peck my way along. Just as I’ve been dwelling on the destructive nature of these devices. Cell phones, texts, email, Facebook. What little good is there in any of this. Keeping a journal is fine. Thinking the rest of us care is narcissistic. Does anyone care your at the dry cleaners? Really now is it so important that I’m at my grand kids soccer game to post it along with photos on Facebook followed by a tweet?

I think not. Once there was a time we reserved our efforts for those true masters. e. e. Cummings wrote,

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

How could I say this any better? Tweet I’m at Tommy with my wife of 35 years?

I suggest we create a day devoted to no use of communications thecnology. No cell, text, computers; nothing that requires more than a pen and paper or face to face communications. Yes. Freedom. What peace there would be on that day.

Slow Bells and Silent Whistles

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Well now I’m at 32,000 words on Robin’s story. I have 2 chapters left so I guess everyone gets their wish for a novel. I’m really not use to counting words really. With scripts it’s pages. Each page being about 1 minute of screen time.

I usually don’t talk about the “how” I get this writing done and I find a lot of people don’t want to know. It spooks them out. They ought to be me for a day. Screen plays are methodical. Novels are organic. I’m really hooked. It’s a lot harder to write prose but it takes you to such fun places it is well worth the ride.

Research for this book:

The Soul After Death by Fr. Seraphim Rose
Solomonic Archangels and Demon Prince by Stephen Skinner & David Rankine
Grimoires by Owen Davies
The Kabbalah Peach Hagaddah by The Rv Berg Sheltie
The Holy Bible by God
Magik of the Ancient Gods by Ford
Biblical Fragments from Mt. Sinai by J. Rendel Harris.

And many more. I will list all books, websites etc when I get finished up. It’s so funny, people think you just sit down and make things up but beyond these books I’ve used all kinds of maps and references for local areas. It never seems to end.

Personally I find this part to be really fun. I’m curious and love to learn.

I ask for a bit more indulgence. Those who have offered to read the initial draft, it is very close. I do know how this part ends but there is a lot of pieces I forgot along the way and I keep plugging then in.

I could still use a few more readers. You will get a rough copy of the bock bound, signed and numbered by me. Read it and MARK IT UP. No grammar or spelling corrections just content. Once I have all remarks coded I will return to you for your enjoyment.

Being a filmmaker I love being trashed so I can think more clearly. No ego here.

Then a first official revision will be made and used with a book proposal so I can find a publisher. I’d love to do a special edition through someone like if possible then located a larger publisher for a wider distribution.

I’ve done all this with films and have been release by, LIONSGATE, Imagination, The Lifetime Channel and on and on. So I’m not arrogant just motivated.

Any help (advice) would be great. Have a great Labor Day.

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